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We, as the
Temple of the Sacred Grove,
are responding in faith
to the call of the Divine,
desiring to unite together
to worship,
administer rites, rituals
and sacred functions.
Each in our own way,
but united in
spirit, trust and love.

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Bylaws of the Temple of the Sacred Grove
· as amended and updated 01st April 2008 ·


An applicant for membership in the Temple must

Renewal of Membership

Membership Fee

Membership Period

The membership period is defined as the period between one summer Solstice and the next. Membership will not be accepted in advance, except as noted above, and expires with each Summer Solstice regardless of the time the membership was purchased.


A sponsor is required for membership in the Temple. The sponsor must be a member in good standing in the Temple for a period of at least a year and a day. A member may act as sponsor up to five times in a membership period.

Privileges and Responsibilities of Membership

Members are entitled to

It is the responsibilities of Temple members to


Vending will permitted at specified Temple events. Vendors must be Temple members and have the permission of the Board. Food and drink are not permissible for sale. Board members may withdraw permission for items deemed unsuitable for sale within a family oriented environment.


Alcohol is not permitted within Temple rituals. Alcohol may be used within Temple workshops provided participants are advised in advance.


A minor is defined as anyone less than 18 years of age.
Minors may participate in ritual if

It is not the responsibility of the Temple to determine the age of participants.

Rituals and Workshops


Any Temple member may Priest or Priestess a Temple ritual provided the following conditions are met.

Priests and Priestesses are responsible for providing their own materials for ritual. They may request reimbursement from the Temple by providing receipts for all purchases to the Treasurer or President. Reimbursement to Priest/Priestess shall not exceed the total donations for the ritual AFTER all other expenses (such as rental fees for ritual space) have been deducted. The Temple maintains basic ritual supplies which may be used by any Priest/Priestess on request.

All Temple rituals will be open to the public, and as such a family–friendly atmosphere must be maintained under the supervision of the Priest/Priestess. If the ritual performed differs significantly from the ritual approved by the Board, it is the responsibility and right of any Board members present to interrupt or otherwise bring halt to the ritual proceedings. The Board reserves the right to deny the applications to Priest/Priestess Temple rituals to individuals who violate Temple bylaws.

All rituals will be announced at least two weeks in advance via email, and will have their content advertised as either General or Family Oriented.
Family Oriented rituals are rituals that include activities that are child–friendly such as crafts etc. General rituals are all other rituals that are approved by the Board.

The Temple is dedicated to creating a space where Pagan families may worship together.


All proposed workshops must be

All reasonable workshop requests will be replied to by the Board within two weeks of their submission.

It is not necessary to be a Temple member to run a workshop. Temple members are given discounts should a fee be requested according to the following rule: Membership discount must be a minimum of 15% of the cost to non–members, or $1.00, whichever is greater.

The content of workshops must be advertised by the Board in advance, including but not limited to whether or not the following criteria apply

The Temple is not responsible for any costs incurred by the workshop, nor is it the responsibility of the Temple to collect fees. The individual running the workshop is welcome to keep or donate any proceeds from the workshop, and is responsible for providing their own materials.

Responsibilities and Positions in the Board

Current Executive Board Members (2008 – 2009)

Past Presidents

Board Members at Large

Responsibilities of Executive Board Positions
(Typically for a two year cycle but may vary as required#41;




Communications Officer

Past Presidents

Board Members at Large

Duties as required. Typical duties are: to attend Board Meetings (typically 3 per year + AGM) and to review and approve/decline submitted workshops and rituals for suitability. Vote on temple Board matters. Assist in the day to day matters of the Temple.

Failure to repeatedly discharge the general or specific duties by a TOSG Board member are grounds for removal from Board member status by a unanimous vote of the remainder of the Board members. Communication, by voice, at least twice, with the specific Board member is required before such an action may be taken. Voice–mail and e–mail are not sufficient communication.

Deliberate misrepresentation of their position as a duly elected Temple Board Member is grounds for immediate removal from the position of Temple Board Member at the discretion of the President and one other board member, typically the Secretary, Treasurer, or Communications officer.

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